Control Map of Khartoum – 02 May 2023

2nd May 2023

Caution: This map should not be used to determine routes for safe travel as the picture is incomplete and the situation changes rapidly.

تحذير: لا يجب استخدام هذه الخريطة لتحديد طرق السفر الآمن لعدم إكتمال الصورة والأوضاع سريعة التغير.

Find Accommodation in Khartoum


Finding a decent place to stay can be a challenge. If you are visiting or staying for the long term finding the best place for you and your family is important. Having the right climate, energy, security and atmosphere around the accommodation is also important to give you peace of mind.

Whether your preference is having a private garage, or security guarded accommodation or just looking for a place with a tub bathroom then having a quick search around the market place is essential. Having one or two major preferences is important depending on your daily habits and family requirements. Having a back up generator is an important feature that some people overlook, just incase the power cuts out for short periods of time which it does occasionally depending on where you stay.

If your staying in Khartoum than all accommodation is safe, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms will affect the price and also if it furnished or unfurnished.

Generally decent accommodation in Khartoum can be found around Khartoum 2, Riyadh and Sahafa road, because these are situated near the Airport and for decades travellors, workers and residents have chosen these locations (at either side of the airport) as residential grounds to live in and rent. There are many other places, some more expensive, some less which can be found with a little extra search and an agent to assist.

Always view or have someone view your selected property before signing any documents, ensure you have the right frame of mind and your prepared for the morning path on your way to work because this can be the path you may be doing for the next period of your life.

There is plenty of beautiful accommodation all across Khartoum , along the Nile banks, along the central business district, behind security gates, without security gates but to find the match for you and the preferences you desire have a look around, ask a friend and more importantly ask those who are living near by if you can and check our accommodations page:  

Good Luck