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Happy New Year All!
We’ve been back to complete the bathroom we installed for our returning customer. That’s now their kitchen, utility room, main bathroom, ensuite, and this lovely bathroom for their guests in the attic.
With the property being grade 2 listed it came with hurdles which challenged us as a team. We’ve learnt a lot from working with this client and their property.
From the design aspect we had a number of issues to address.
Number one was drainage, this was over come with pre planning on the previous bathroom getting a soil pipe into the loft void.
Number two was the sloping ceilings, making sure someone 6ft+ could stand at the basin & loo comfortably meant dwarf walls were needed to bring the furniture off the existing walls.
Third was the ceiling height. The shower is using a Sani Shower which is basically a waste water pump. This required the fall of gravity to take the drainage water into the pump and the for the SaniFlow to do its job. Lifting the shower deck as little as possible was our only cost effective option but we got it done.
The existing walls and floors weren’t suitable for the 1200mm x 600mm tiles chosen so floor joist and wall timbers were levelled as shown in the photos.
As you can see from the software we use the room was designed and visible before work had even began.
This allowed our client to see what they were buying into alleviating buyer remorse. Material costs are up by huge amounts since the beginning of 2021. Reiterating ‘Do it nice or do it twice’. Getting it wrong isn’t an option and neither is doing things twice.
This is just one of the many projects we were involved with in 2021. Out of all the bathrooms we completed only one was ‘like for like’.
We don’t like leaving rooms which don’t function to their users needs.
If you have a project you would like assistance with please don’t hesitate to reach out. It could be an idea, a renovation at the design stage or a dream room you’ve been putting off for too long.
We are open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm by appointment only. So drop us an email at or call us on 01233 234567.


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