Urgent Appeal – Flooding Across Sudan

Torrential rain, floods in Sudan have killed 77 and destroy 14,500 homes in one of the worst flooding to hit the nation in recent years.

Provinces most affected by the rain include North Kordofan, Gezira, South Kordofan, South Darfur and the River Nile State.


Death toll from Sudan floods rises to 75

River Nile State – Al Makaylab

فيضانات السودان .. 10 وفيات وانهيار 3.380 منزلاً وآلاف المشردين | صحيفة المواطن الإلكترونية

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A Charitable Cause – Engineers Without Borders

Walking along the pedestrian and road walkway zones across the capital city during the rainy season it is obvious that there is a lack of drainage and correct waste disposal services. Although a minimal concern during dry season, the situation is amplified during rains in the July – October periods and becomes more frequent the further away from the city one travels.

The lack of drainage and correct water run-off leads often to flooding, pooling of water and contamination with the mix of dry waste. The result is frequent outbreaks of cholera, lack of drinking water and severe flooding causing destruction of homes and sanitation facilities.

One of the missions’ of Engineers without Borders Sudan as a non-profit organisation is to provide simple engineering solutions in the form of materials, manpower and skills to fix some of the health issued faced from lack of sanitation, clean drinking water and electrification.

One solar powered 3″ submersible electrical pump for example costs $2680 , and correctly drilled, casted and constructed underground can provide drinking water for 100 people per day – an astonishing and beautiful achievement.


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Specification of 5″ Submersible Pump

3-inch submersible electric pump with submersible electric motor (415V, 50 Hz)
Productivity (Q) : 30m³/hour (@BEP)
Vertical lift (TH) : 250 ft (@BEP)
Depth (PSD) : 200 feet
Capacity: 30m3/h
Head: 250ft (72m)
Depth 200feet, Eff: 59%
Outlet Diameter: 3inch
Voltage&Frequency: 415v&50Hz
Power: 13kw
Speed: 2900rpm
Casing And Impeller Material: stainless steel 304
Shaft Material: 2Cr13Cable
Length: 2-3m
Weight: 140kg, Height: 1540mm
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The governor of Khartoum directs a comprehensive evaluation of the transportation company

The designated Wali of Khartoum, Ahmed Othman Hamza, discussed the situation of the Khartoum State Transportation Company in today’s meeting, which included the Director General of the Ministry of Finance, Economy and Investment Ibrahim Mohieldin and the director of the company, Khaled Hassan Abdel Mahmoud.

Al-Wali said that the company’s situation requires a comprehensive assessment of its conditions, especially since the state supports the company, and demanded the management of the bus fleet in order to achieve continuity and stability in service, given that the transport sector is one of the most important service sectors.

The meeting directed the inventory of the buses suspended from work and the conditions of the shareholders and the formation of a technical committee to evaluate the buses, in addition to the inventory of the company’s assets and an inventory.