A Travel Guide to Sudan; Famous Places to Visit in Sudan

Sudan is the country where Africa meets Arabia, where the White and the Blue Nile converge in the capital city Khartoum. It possesses a unique identity in which travellors witness a host of cultures and traditions spiced with splendid hospitality.


Sudan is not just a place to visit, its a place to live, work, study and venture into some of the most enchanting adventures along the Saharar and where the two Niles meet.


Whether you quickly jump in a rickshaw to get where you need to go or  hire a 4 wheeler to get you around the city – in Khartoum you will have the options of both.


The land is nourished by the Niles meandering tributaries that stretch into the red sands of the desert, giving life to wild habitat, agriculture, grains, sands, barely, fish nourished by the filtered waters from the mountains of Lake Victoria. A balanced ecosystem which has served the populations of its inhabitants for centuries and continues to bring forth its fruits.

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